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Derek Gardner
Marketing and Social Media Specialist at BAARS eyewear Americas

When I ask myself what the definition of a “go-getter” is, Tobin is what I would use to describe it. From owning a business to the creation of his artist collective, he created them from scratch and gives them his all. His kind words and enthusiasm to always do better make Tobin a no-brainer for any group that strives for its goals.

Samantha Vanni
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant at Friedman LLP

Tobin is a very inspired individual. His passion for fitness is infectious. I had the pleasure of having Tobin as a personal trainer a few years back. I had a goal to run 2 miles in under 14 minutes and 30 seconds, so he designed a specific strength and conditioning program to fit my personal needs. I had nothing but encouragement and endless support from Tobin. Definitely one of the best trainers I know.

Jamal and Kim Hester
Co-Founders of Life Strength & Health

Tobin Osusky is a great person to do business with. His knowledge and skill sets are invaluable and he continues to learn, grow and add on to the empire he is creating from the ground up. I am very impressed with any project he gets involved with!

Personal Trainer & Founder of Top Breed Fitness

Tobin has gave me the honor to start my personal training career and teach classes for him out of his gym Temple Qinesis. It’s been a great experience ever since I’ve started. He brings a great atmosphere to the gym and when I’m training my clients he is always respectful. His spirit is Illuminating every time he’s around. Even the other staff members of the gym he has hired are very respectful and active with everyone. From the jobs I’ve had in the past I have to say this is hands down with out a doubt my favorite and it’s a pleasure working with Tobin.

Amy Bennett
Marketing Specialist Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.

Tobin Osusky is a highly skilled personal trainer who took his deep knowledge of the fitness industry and it turned it into a fantastic business model that not only helps people reach their physical peak but also nourishes their mind and soul. His unique approach to fitness makes Temple Qinesis stand out amongst it’s competitors. At Temple you will find trainers and instructors who care about the individual and provide quality, safe instruction at all levels

Kamar Gainey
Exercise Physiologist at Fox Rehabilitation

Tobin is a creative leader who is extremely supportive to his staff. He always ensures that his clients’ and employees’ needs are met. His ability to envision where the business is headed, and where it needs to be, makes him a great asset to a company. I highly recommend Tobin to anyone who is looking for a great manager and leader for a fitness facility.
Kamar Gainey

Paul Spencer
Senior Account Executive at Xy Web Solutions

It’s rare that you come across passion like that of Tobin. I have known Tobin for many years and have had the privilege to train with him both in and out of his facility, Temple Qinesis. I was particularly impressed with his knowledge and style of promoting overall wellness. No matter your fitness goals, Tobin can help you attain them. It is without reservation that I would recommend Tobin and Temple Qinesis to anyone looking to better their body, mind, and spirit.

Kate Malvetti
Quality Assurance Supervisor at Refresco

Tobin runs the gym I’m currently a member of. He truly cares about all of his members and is a personable, intelligent guy. Unlike many gyms, he puts emphasis on all around health and mental well-being which makes every day at Temple Qinesis a unique and mindful experience.

Christopher Wunder
 Rockstar of Recruitment & Talent Consultant in the Hospitality Industry | at GRN of Kansas City

I first met Tobin when I was working as the Operations and Sales Manager of Retro Fitness. At the time I thought I knew everything there was to know about fitness until I spoke with Tobin. Up until that point I was far from perfect in all facets of the fitness spectrum. Working with Tobin exposed me to all different avenues of the fitness industry and ultimately put myself and everyone around me in better physical condition and healthier for sure. Outside of fitness Tobin was a great motivator for life in general. He helped me reassess my situation and how I could ultimately be happier finding a work/life balance, eating healthier and at the end of the day I have thanked him for it over and over again. I would recommend for anyone who is looking to reach their fitness potential or just looking for general guidance that Tobin is the man to talk to. He works hard in everything he does and truly cares about the people he works for and with.

Carmelo ‘SNOW’ Sigona
Co-Founder / Creative Director at Fly Dragon Studio and Legendary Artist

Tobin is a great spirit and visionary with immense talent, fortitude, passion, and energy. It is truly a pleasure working with and knowing him.