We created this group to encourage and support those of you who wish to balance the scales of pollution. Everyday we watch our fellow citizens ignorantly destroy our Biophysical Environment, whether consciously or unconsciously.


Pollution has been plaguing our society since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, and since then, we the public have conditioned ourselves to be complacent on this subject. We have also limited our vision to ignore anything outside of the roads we drive on and the malls we shop in. This is unacceptable, and a new standard of conscientiousness must be cultivated!

Remember that old commercial of an Native American on the side of a highway out west, shedding a tear at the sight of a passer-by littering out their car window? Well I sure do, and i know that the sentiment is shared by many men and women in our generation. If nobody will stand up for us to legislate ethical laws and policies in order to prevent the destruction of our beautiful and extraordinary planet, then we must STAND UP!



Anyone can complain, boycott, make a picket sign and march around, but nothing beneficial will ever come by these methods. No company will ever stop production because protesters are outside complaining. We need to act, in a direction that diminishes destruction and enlightens those who recognize our work.


For every person poisoning our planet, we need at least one person cleaning it up. If 51% of our planets population understands this ideal, then the world’s state of consciousness can only increase, and we can all work together to clean this planet up, and restore it to homeostasis.


We love the Planet Earth, and all of it’s divine creatures, humans included. If you do too, then please support this cause, make it to meetups, and create your own meetups!!!