Hi I’m Tobin Osusky

I’m a college degreed Kinesiologist (a.k.a. Exercise Scientist), that’s a fancy way of saying
I’m a Life Force Energy Trainer, Healer & Functional Fitness Coach.

Oh, and I’ve survived death, for real, it’s a pretty crazy story.

But first!

I have discovered my purpose, I am what I like to term a ‘Quantum Shaman’.  My studies in Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Psychology and Neuroscience have culminated in a new form of Fitness.


I teach people how to heal, or or better yet build, themselves from the Cellular and Molecular levels up, with pure Energy from the source of reality!

This is the most important part of my life, to me, to help people from all over the world get in shape, become more mindful, caring and connected, improve their thinking and master their lives, online & at my gyms.

You see, I could’ve never survived and become what I am today, if not for the selfless help of other people, so it has become my sole purpose to help others as much as I can, as often as I can.

I’m looking forward to helping you too!

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Qi/Chi Energy Specialist

 Healer.  Teacher.  Superhuman

Serial Entrepreneur

Temple Qinesis, THNK & the Qinetic Inventor

 Master Efficiency Consultant

OCR Racer & Ninja

Trained in the science of Kinesology


Master Inner & Outer Fitness

Unlock Extraordinary Mental Strength

Activate an Acceleration in Healing & Recovery

 Develop Limitless Physical Athleticism and Mobility

and most of all

help you activate your
True Potential!


It’s time to take the power of your cells back


I can show you the way

Survivor is my middle name.
I’ve championed a lot of struggle in this lifetime.

I have survived a broken neck, a broken back, suffered through 3rd degree burns covering 80% of my body, a 14-inch laceration on my scalp with over 500+ sutures, healed myself despite all odds and never accepted any limits, ever.

There is no such thing as impossible!

As a young man, I overcame Tourette’s Syndrome and became an award-winning, elite athlete in multiple sports as well as an achieved scholar.

Now I Live To Help Others Achieve The Same Unlimited Potential

Although we may feel flawed and traumatized, we can still find peace, wellness and balance.

We are born perfect, but this world breaks us down, it is my purpose to help build others back up.

Beginning with your heart and helping your spirit to venture courageously out into the world.

Own your struggle! It defines you.

Confident and shining from our flaws first, is the way life can be most appreciated.

I Empower the Disempowered

I can help develop your fitness from the subatomic realm up to your ability to build a business brand around yourself.

MICRO to MACRO Fitness

In 2011, I founded my brand ‘Temple Qinesis’, Gyms and Personal Training, which aims evolves the fitness field by integrating the realms of mindfulness, intentional awareness and an elevated value for knowledge into the physical fitness domain/consciousness.

I am a Managing Director of many other brands in development.

I offer consulting services to numerous industries seeking to cultivate more mindful, efficient and compassionate ways to do business and inspire an increase in industrial integrity.

We aim to create, through innovation, an entirely new way of doing business.

A more personal, compassionate, invested approach in which genuine care for all clients is stressed, and prioritized over profits.


University of Rhode Island 2008

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree Major: Kinesiology & Exercise Science

Athletics: Varsity Soccer 2003-2006 (2003 Atlantic 10 Conference Champion)


Health, wellness and fitness professional with 12 years of progressive experience ● Specialized in managing and directing fitness center operations with focus on results, profitability and mindfulness ● Personal trainer, coach, mentor and health advocate focused on total wellness for mind, body and spirit ● Extensive experience with group personal training, CrossFit coaching, weight training, nutritional and weight management consultation and holistic health ● Dedicated to social responsibility through continuous philanthropic pursuits ● Highly educated, trained and experienced in the following disciplines; anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, exercise physiology, exercise science, general and developmental psychology, nutrition, business management, diversity and social issues involved with physical activity, biology, athletic tests and measurements, group exercise / aerobics, weight training / physical conditioning, physical fitness appraisal and guidance, prevention and care for athletic injuries, business marketing and social media, physical education, fitness and wellness program development, fitness programs for individuals with chronic disease, family and community health

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Certified CrossFit L1 Coach ▪ Certified Life Wellness Coach ▪ Certified QiGong Instructor

Certified Tai Chi Instructor ▪ Certified Weight Management Consultant ▪ Certified Holistic Health Consultant

Personality type:

“The Protagonist” (ENFJ-A)
Individual traits: 

MIND Extraverted – 72%,

ENERGY Intuitive – 59%,

NATURE Feeling – 69%,

TACTICS Judging – 62%,

IDENTITY Assertive – 82%.




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